Frequently Asked Questions

Forex Training

How long will the training last?

The training period usually lasts about a month. Training sessions are held separately every month. Visit the training page to book a to session.

What will I achieve at the end of the training?

The training is meant to give one trading skills hence more control
over their financial destiny. Having the ability to trade sustainably for oneself is
most important skill required for appoaching the Forex Market. Visit the training page for more details.

Mode of payment for the training?

Payment can be made through official Afriforex accounts at M-Pesa, Paypal,
Bank Transfer or Direct Deposits if receipts are provided and verified. For a full list of requirements, check our current trading sessions here.

Forex Seminars and Events

Where can I get information about upcoming events?

List of upcoming and previous events is provided on our website. Alternatively,
follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.