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Our Advantages

One Time Fee

Pay a one time fee that covers all our training packages and services. Our training gets you trading live without any addditional products.

Live Account Training

Learn trading the forex market using a real account. The profits are yours to keep.

Actionable Training

Our training avoids excessive information overload and targets crucial elements needed to get you trading profitably on your own.

Traders Lounge Access & Support

Get a lifetime access to our Afriforex Traders Forum and customer support.

What is Forex
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Our Value Proposition

Our traders sought to create a program that could not only get trainees trading live as soon as possible but also eliminate time wasted spent wading through useless information.

The forex market is ever expanding into all social economic classes. Newly available to the middle and low-income sectors of the Kenyan economy, a large number of training 'experts' have emerged as a result. However, what most people don't understand is that it is fairly easy for these fake educators to charge exorbitant fees for basic/introductory courses that will never get a student profitable in the business. In fact, some of the courses are designed to constantly upsell you on the next course in the progression.

Normally, most of the training programs out there offer up too much information which does not translate into profits the real market conditions at all. While it is possible to find a good forex trainer who can get you trading profitably, regrettably 90% of all new trainees will fail within the first year due to of lack of the right information from training or a bad approach of the FX markets from the beginning.

Training Package


  • $200 Personal Live Account
  • Newsletters & Trading Analysis
  • Lifetime Support
  • Access to Afriforex Traders Forum
  • Access to Afriforex Webinars and our Forex Archive
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